Autumn 10 issue now out!

The Autumn 10 issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice was mailed on Friday. (My own copy hasn’t made it to Scotland yet, but I know some people got theirs as early as Saturday!)

It includes:

  • our new series to help you with critical appraisal of the literature
  • teaching indirect interaction techniques to education staff
  • working with people with aphasia in a community arts venue
  • scaffolding opportunities for silent bilingual children to speak out
  • How I support TEP (tracheoesophageal puncture) closure
  • complementary therapy – exploring our boundaries
  • my top resources for working outside the NHS
  • what’s hot and what’s not: book, resource and software reviews
  • In Brief – chewing in children with mild cerebral palsy
  • Here’s one I made earlier – the menu game
  • Editor’s choice – adolescents, aphasia, intergroup contact
  • win our free reader offer for The Communication Toolkit

New subscribers always receive an extra issue FREE in their first year.

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