Training people with learning disabilities to tell stories

“Stories give meaning to our lives – we are storytelling creatures who are constantly reviewing and interpreting our experiences and making link with what has happened to others” (Storytracks, 2009)

Lesley Johnson used this quote to open an article about a collaborative approach to developing narrative in people with learning disabilities in the Winter 09 issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice. She explains how a visit from four members of Openstorytellers, including speech and language therapist Nicola Grove and musician Jane Harwood, inspired the development of her own project with “wonderful practical ideas for structure of the sessions, opening and closing activities and stories”.

Openstorytellers enables people with learning disabilities to tell stories and build a strong sense of personal and cultural heritage. While it has secured a grant to train people with learning disabilities to manage the organisation, it has at the same time lost business in cancelled projects due to the current financial climate. If you would be interested in commissioning the group to do training or a performance, or in linking as partners in some way email Director Nicola Grove (

Openstorytellers also has a page on Facebook.

Johnson, L. (2009) ‘How I create creativity (2): Defining who I am’, Speech & Language Therapy in Practice Winter, pp.26-28.

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