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Practice change in speech and language therapy: from PhD thesis to Plain English

It’s embarrassing as a speech and language therapist to admit this: I find it difficult to communicate the findings of my PhD in a way that can be easily understood. My thesis is open access, but access doesn’t make it … Continue reading

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How can we talk about photos in research and therapy?

Penny Tinkler presented an IIQM webinar this week, ‘Talking about photos: how does photo-elicitation work and how can we use it productively in research?’ She explained that photo-elicitation doesn’t always meet researchers’ expectations and so, in order to use it well, … Continue reading

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The metaphor of ‘missing data’ in qualitative research

How does the metaphor of ‘missing data’ work for you in relation to qualitative research? Graham Crow tested this idea out with 12 of us (all PhD students) this week at a National Centre for Research Methods course. We discussed … Continue reading

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Qualitative health research in practice

Having spent many years editing ‘Speech & Language Therapy in Practice’ magazine, it’s not surprising that an event titled ‘Qualitative health research in practice’ had huge appeal. In placing the focus on exploring the many processes of doing qualitative research, … Continue reading

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