Writing for publication

As Hislop, Murray & Newton (2008, p.156) say, there is a "growing expectation that health care professionals will disseminate information, experience and findings in order to improve practice and patient care, and as part of their continuing professional development." Yet many who would describe themselves as "very practical" therapists lack the confidence to write and submit articles for consideration.

A few weeks ago I did a workshop on writing for publication with a lovely group of speech and language therapists in North Wales. Some of the results of their endeavours will be in the 'In Brief' section of the Winter 09 issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice. One of the authors, Non Thwaite, says, "There's no way I would have considered writing that piece, thinking it was of any worth or sending it along for publication were it not for that workshop. It was confidence boosting and made me think that ideas or practice we may consider as ordinary or humdrum may be extraordinary, useful or reassuring to other therapists – and therefore that it's worth sharing."

I would be happy to visit other groups of speech and language therapists in the UK to run a similar workshop. It takes 2-3 hours.

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