Devices for Dignity

Research speech and language therapist Gill Townend has been in touch to say that the deadline for therapists, clients and carers responding to the Devices for Dignity communication aids survey has been extended until 23rd October.

As reported in the Spring 09 issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice, Gill is working on the Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) project as part of D4D, a pilot Healthcare Technology Co-operative in England. The project aims to identify areas for improvement, future research and development in the design of communication aids.

Various Spr09email versions of the questionnaire are available in online and print format:

  • professionals
  • service users (standard text)
  • service users (simplified text)
  • service users symbolised (Widgit Literacy Symbols)  
  • service users symbolised (PCS) – coming soon

Clients can be of any age, with any medical diagnosis, language level and physical ability. All the researchers ask is that they have an opinion about voice output communication aids and are able to complete a questionnaire with or without support from a carer.

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