Pam Enderby recognised for lifetime aphasia contribution

Pam Enderby2I was delighted to hear today that Professor Pam Enderby has been given The Robin Tavistock Award 2012 in recognition of her significant lifetime contribution to the field of aphasia. 

In announcing the award, the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia recognise that listing the extent of Pam's contribution and influence would be 'impossible'. However, they make a valiant attempt, giving particular mention to publication of the Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test, Pam's championing of new technology and development of Therapy Outcome Measures, as well as her pioneering work in establishing the Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. 

Beyond the evidence of specific achievements which have had a direct and sustained impact on people with aphasia, the Trust also try to capture what it is about Pam that makes her "a catalyst, who makes things happen and succeed". They mention her mentoring, capacity to bring people together, energy, compassion, generosity and sense of fun. To this I would add honesty, realism and high expectations of people's capabilities. 

Congratulations Pam – and lang may yer lum reek. 

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