Speech and language therapist Annabel Bosanquet

I was saddened to learn via the Voice Care Network UK of the recent death of speech and language therapist Annabel Bosanquet.

Annabel worked in independent practice as a voice specialist. Coming from a background in the theatre, she was also a reader for InterAct. This charity provides the services of professional actors to read poetry and stories on an individual basis to people who are in hospital following a stroke. 

Annabel had subscribed to Speech & Language Therapy in Practice for 21 years, since well before my time as editor. She always provided encouraging feedback, reviewed books and as recently as March contacted me to say she would be interested to hear readers' reflections on perceived 'failures' in therapy. Although we didn't get the opportunity to develop this idea together, it is well worth thinking about. 

As the Voice Care Network UK said in their announcement, Annabel had been diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago and died on 16 November. They added a telling message from her husband Mike: "She has always won hearts – and did so yet again amongst the wonderful staff at the hospital, one of whom, a student nurse, has decided to change career direction in admiration for Annabel."

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