Caroline Bowen brings her 2 day speech sound disorders workshop to the UK

I can’t believe it was as long ago as 2002 that Australian speech-language pathologist Caroline Bowen compiled her top ten child speech resources for Speech & Language Therapy in Practice.

I have “known” Caroline virtually for many years, and enjoy her humourous contributions to the excellent ACQ magazine. I also admire the firm hand with which she guides the phonologicaltherapy listserv, a fantastic resource for anyone who works in the field of child speech.

Now finally I am going to meet her in person when she presents a two day workshop in York next year on behalf of ASLTIP (the Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice). ‘Speech sound disorders: The basics and beyond II’ will cover referral and screening, assessment, diagnosis, contextual factors, intervention approaches, target selection, treatment principles, goals and strategies and roles. It should be an exciting – if exhausting! – couple of days.

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2 Responses to Caroline Bowen brings her 2 day speech sound disorders workshop to the UK

  1. I really appreciate your spreading the word about the Spech Sound Disorders workshop in York in March 2011, Avril. Participants should expect to be excited and invigorated, with me as the exhausted one after two days with an enthusastic UK group! It will be great to meet up with you and other British cyberpals after all this time. Caroline

  2. Spech! I need an editor, Avril!

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