Article Collections

Journal Club

A series of 6 articles by Jennifer Reid, illustrated with cartoons by Fran. Journal Club aimed to help readers access the speech and language therapy research literature, assess its credibility, and decide how to act on their findings. Each article is accompanied by a critical appraisal tool.


This collection includes 4 articles by specialist speech and language therapy and counselling duo Sam Simpson and Cathy Sparkes exploring the foundations and process of goal negotiation with clients.

Here’s One I Made Earlier… 

This series of low-cost, flexible therapy suggestions suitable for a variety of client groups was conceived and largely contributed by Alison Roberts.

How I…

This long-running series began with three speech and language therapists explaining how they would deal with a specific clinical situation. It evolved to cover wider aspects of practice, but always with the aim of sharing how things get done.

Boundary Issues

As speech and language therapists we know we “must justify the trust that other people place in you by acting with honesty and integrity at all times” (Health & Care Professions Council, Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, p.14). But what does this mean in practice? The Boundary Issues series offered a ‘thinking through’ of everyday events which receive little attention but need to be on our ethical radar screen. Other articles relating specifically to ethics are also included in this collection.

My Top Resources

In feedback from readers, this was always the most popular page of the magazine! Gracing the back page, contributors shared the what and the why of their favourite therapy tools. ‘My Top Resources’ was subsequently adopted by Speech Pathology Australia‘s magazine.

Talking Mats

Designed by speech and language therapists, based on extensive research and now a successful social enterprise, Talking Mats is a communication tool. Its purpose is “to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties by increasing their capacity to communicate effectively about things that matter to them”. This collection follows Talking Mats from their beginning. 


In their first series for the magazine, Sam Simpson and Cathy Sparkes penned these 4 articles to explore and explain the importance of non-managerial supervision for speech and language therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Web Articles

Even though Speech & Language Therapy in Practice increased by 4 pages in latter years, this was never enough! Luckily the website, active from 1998, offered space to accommodate extra articles.

Winning Ways

Recognising the real demands of being a speech and language therapist, these articles all aimed to encourage reflection and personal growth. We are indebted to Life Coach Jo Middlemiss who contributed the vast majority of this collection.

This House Believes

Inspired by a debating idea in the British Medical Journal, Paula Leslie suggested and was instrumental in developing this series. The authors critically reviewed a controversial subject by presenting both arguments for the proposition and counter-evidence from the opposition before reaching a judgement.

Conference Calls

Articles reflecting on learning from conferences and study days.

Sociological perspectives

To get us thinking, Sarah Earle introduces sociological perspectives on inequality with respect to class, gender, disability and ethnicity and culture.

Editor’s features

With the help of readers, Speech & Language Therapy in Practice editor Avril Nicoll explores topics relevant to practice.


These two articles are inspired by the late Dr Mark Ylvisaker’s ideas on practice with people with brain injury, but also discuss the implications for other difficult-to-serve client groups.


Includes the revised (2006) edition of the Mount Wilga High Level Language Test by Fiona Simpson.