‘New dimensions’ online report from the Child Language Seminar 2011

DSC04669The final issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice has been signed off for printing, so will be mailed out to subscribers the week beginning 5 December.

Meantime, you can access a new, free, online-only article written to accompany the Winter 11 issue. ‘New Dimensions‘ is a report by Speech & Language Therapy in Practice editor Avril Nicoll from the Child Language Seminar (CLS 2011). This was held in June 2011 in Newcastle, and the organisers made a conscious decision to give it a more clinical focus than usual and encourage more participation by therapists as well as researchers and academics. Speakers included James Law, Liz Pena, Sheena Reilly, Sue Roulstone, Maggie Snowling and Helen Stringer.

As Avril says in her report, “Over the two packed days, I wondered just how a speech and language therapist could synthesise and translate the swirling mass of evidence, ideas, research methods and theories put before them. Now, with the benefit of distance, it is easier to make sense of it all and to recognise what Maggie Snowling described as the ‘take home messages’ for therapists in clinical practice.”

The photograph shows Helen Stringer and Christina McKean who arranged the seminar along with James Law.

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