Access to journals for speech and language therapists

Throughout April, Routledge is having an Education Free for All, which means you can get online access to the most recent issues of all the publisher's education research journals.

You can print off any article which is of interest, as long as it is for your own use in research, teaching or private study.

Having browsed through the titles, I have added the journal 'Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties' to my email alert list. This means I will be sent a table of contents with access to abstracts every time a new issue is released.

Many speech and language therapists working for the NHS can get a certain level of online access to journals. For me, the National Information Centre for Speech-language Therapy (NICeST) provides a great service. When I see an article I am interested in, I send in a photocopy request form and am invoiced for £3-£6 per article. It's a great way of getting your inspiration from a variety of sources.

To find out more about this and other services that NICeST provides to members of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, contact the librarian Breege Whiten.   

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