‘Benefit finding’ and coping with head and neck cancer

ENT & Audiology News for Nov/Dec 2010 includes a summary review (p.132) of Morwenna White-Thomson's article 'How I support TEP closure: an open and shut case?' from the Autumn 10 issue of Speech & Language Therapy in Practice.

The Nov/Dec issue of ENT & Audiology News also contains a thought-provoking article by Sandy Cavell (pp.49-50), 'Head and Neck Cancer: quality of life and beyond.'

Sandy is a Health Psychologist in New Zealand. As she says, "quality of life assessment and further information on psychological factors are important in enabling the clinician to improve communication with the patient, to ensure there is a more informed choice regarding treatment options and that better health outcomes are achieved" (p.49).  

Health professionals are increasingly recognising the importance of qualities such as resilience, so I was particularly interested in her comments on 'benefit finding' and its positive association with effective coping strategies. Examples of benefit finding were where the person's experience "caused them to think differently about their relationships with family and friends, altered their worldview and their prioritising of life issues" (p.49).

Between its print publication and online presence, ENT & Audiology News says it aims to offer "an invaluable forum for the communication of news and information from every aspect of ENT and audiology". For subscription rates and offers, contact Pinpoint Scotland Ltd, tel. 0131 557 4184.

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