Connecting people with aphasia with parliament

With the date of the UK general election expected to be announced later this morning, it is no surprise to find Connect – the communication disability network already prepared with a typically direct and positive manifesto for people with aphasia.

The message is that every 11 minutes in the UK three people have a stroke, and one of them will have aphasia. There are 50,000 new cases of aphasia every year in the UK, making it more common than breast cancer and multiple sclerosis combined. The manifesto adds, "…in the average parliamentary constituency nearly 400 people will have aphasia. They need your support in Parliament."

The manifesto further stresses the connection between election candidates and people with aphasia by including communication tips developed by people with aphasia. As well as helping candidates communicate better with people with aphasia, it suggests implementing the ideas will help them get their campaign messages across to everyone.

Connect recognises recent improvements in acute and emergency care, but is calling for the Life after Stroke recommendations of the National Stroke Strategy to be implemented fully as those affected will "live the rest of their lives with aphasia".

Connect also has a new DVD explaining aphasia, a page on Facebook and aphasia-friendly instructions for joining Facebook.

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