North Wales speech and language therapy event and article

I am heading off to Wales tomorrow for an Afasic Cymru event ‘Communication Counts’ on Friday. I will have a stand in the exhibition hall, but the main reason for going is that I am doing one to one sessions with speech and language therapists on writing for publication.

All the therapists in North Wales will be attending, and this reminded me of my promise to put an article by Dawn Leoni from our Spring 09 issue on the speechmag website. When Dawn accepted a job in North West Wales, she also took on the challenge of learning Welsh by immersion. The article, View from a Welsh mountain, is a reflection on what this has taught her about the experiences and learning support needs of people with communication difficulties.

Elwyn Hughes, who organises Welsh Courses for Adults at Bangor University, asked if I could make the article more widely available, as he feels that “many of her findings and comments would be extremely useful for Welsh language tutors throughout Wales.” What could I say, other than “Wrth gwrs!” (I hope that really does mean “Of course!”)

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