Editor apologies for using wrong version of Pulse / Frontline advert

Much as I enjoy editing Speech & Language Therapy in Practice and seeing a new issue come out, there is always a horrible moment as I wait to find out what mistakes have made their way into print. A painstaking proofing process is essential as, once the magazine is 'out there', it is very difficult to do anything about it.

While errors are usually fairly minor, such as a typo, a missing word or poor punctuation, very occasionally they have more serious consequences. With the Winter 09 issue my checking process went spectacularly wrong and I ended up using the first draft rather than final version of the advert on the inside front cover. The company is being very gracious about it but as there are a few important differences – in particular the e-mail address at the end – I wanted to make readers aware of it as soon as possible. What follows is the correct version (click on it to see it full size):

Speechmag Pulse FL Advert (2)

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