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Icom person logo RGB-HiRes I recently heard about an ambitious online venture called icommunicate.This global online community provides free information and resources around communication skills, written by speech and language therapists / pathologists. As well as sharing within the profession, the site aims to help clients, parents, teachers and other professionals.

icommunicate leading light Johan Langfield explained to me that his motivation came from seeing "a lack of resources for many people that really needed them." Working for a time in the public sector, he saw children "who were not getting sufficient help because they were not deemed severe enough to fit the criteria for funding. This really bothered me." He says that, as icommunicate evolved, "the more we felt we could create something really great, that people could use, that would help people."

The success of icommunicate will depend ultimately on the number of speech and language therapy professionals who choose to send in their activities, ideas, videos and stories for inclusion and participate in the forum. This video link explains how it all works.

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