Accessing the literature

SAGE is offering free access to 14 language and linguistics titles until 30th September. This free trial includes Child Language Teaching & Therapy and the International Journal of Bilingualism.

Many speech and language therapists say they don't read journals because they don't have time, and the articles are too obscure and 'researchy' to be of use in real-life practice.

I have had personal subscriptions to Child Language Teaching & Therapy and Aphasiology but, as a generalist therapist with limited time for reading, the cost began to outweigh the benefits. I have also purchased individual articles online; this is expensive, especially if the article doesn't live up to the promise of the abstract.

A combination of publishers' e-mail journal alerts services with the UCL Language and Speech Science library photocopying service has proved an ideal, cost-effective solution. I now read far more journal articles on a wider range of topics, and have started 'Editor's Choice' in Speech & Language Therapy in Practice to report on my favourites. 

If you take advantage of the SAGE offer and find an article that gives you food for thought, do let me know. 

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